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Malnutrition is the #1 killer of kids.
And the pandemic has made it even worse.

Globally, half of all child preventable deaths are attributed to malnutrition.

Now there's a way for
gamers and the gaming industry
to do something about it.
RUTF Product
We can literally save lives.

When food alone can no longer save a child, ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) can. Made of peanut butter and evaporated milk, RUTF is energy-dense, micronutrient-enriched and easy for a malnourished child to digest. Each packet contains 500 calories and costs 25¢. It requires no preparation or refrigeration, enabling children to be treated at home. Three packets a day can bring a child back from the brink of death in a matter of weeks.

Young toddler eating a RUTF packet Little child receiving vaccination Infant tasting RUTF packet from mother's finger

A typical treatment regime of RUTF consists of an average of three packets a day, every day, for about six weeks.
PHOTO CREDIT (From left to right): UNICEF/Mohammed Huwais, CARE/Jeremy Mines, UNICEF/Sebastian Rich.

A model built
for impact
Lifepack Logo
Lifepack is a way to unite the videogame industry against malnutrition. Lifepack is built to work across any genre, any game. 100% of the money raised goes to purchase and distribute RUTF directly to kids who need it. Likepack makes it simple for gamers to join the cause.

As a $200 billion-a-year global industry with 135 million gamers in the US alone, gaming can make a massive impact on a problem long thought to be too big and too complex to solve.

Lifepack in You Suck at Parking

LifePack is partnering with Happy Volcano's You Suck at Parking, a new racing game that includes optional in-app purchases. Players will be able to purchase a LifePack premium cosmetics bundle in the store, with all proceeds going to the purchase and distribution of RUTF to at-risk children.

LifePack Vans
Working together,
our goal is to save the lives
of one million children.

We are sending a message to the world that saving children’s lives is doable - and we are inspiring gamers, the gaming industry and others to make this global issue a priority.

Launching LifePack Ambassadors

We're teaming up with gamers and streamers to save as many lives as possible. Join us!


The Initiative

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