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Malnutrition is the #1 killer of kids.
And the pandemic has made it even worse.

Globally, half of all child preventable deaths are attributed to malnutrition.

Now there's a way for
gamers and the gaming industry
to do something about it.
RUTF Product
We can literally save lives.

When food alone can no longer save a child, ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) can. Made of peanut butter and evaporated milk, RUTF is energy-dense, micronutrient-enriched and easy for a malnourished child to digest. Each packet contains 500 calories and costs 25¢. It requires no preparation or refrigeration, enabling children to be treated at home. Three packets a day can bring a child back from the brink of death in a matter of weeks.

Young toddler eating a RUTF packet Little child receiving vaccination Infant tasting RUTF packet from mother's finger

A typical treatment regime of RUTF consists of an average of three packets a day, every day, for about six weeks.
PHOTO CREDIT (From left to right): UNICEF/Mohammed Huwais, CARE/Jeremy Mines, UNICEF/Sebastian Rich.

A model built
for impact
Lifepack Logo
Lifepack is a way to unite the videogame industry against malnutrition. Lifepack is built to work across any genre, any game. 100% of the money raised goes to purchase and distribute RUTF directly to kids who need it. Likepack makes it simple for gamers to join the cause.

As a $200 billion-a-year global industry with 135 million gamers in the US alone, gaming can make a massive impact on a problem long thought to be too big and too complex to solve.

Lifepack in You Suck at Parking

LifePack is partnering with Happy Volcano's You Suck at Parking, a new racing game that includes optional in-app purchases. Players will be able to purchase a LifePack premium cosmetics bundle in the store, with all proceeds going to the purchase and distribution of RUTF to at-risk children.

LifePack Vans
Working together,
our goal is to save the lives
of one million children.

We are sending a message to the world that saving children’s lives is doable - and we are inspiring gamers, the gaming industry and others to make this global issue a priority.

Launching LifePack Ambassadors

We're teaming up with gamers and streamers to save as many lives as possible. Join us!

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Action Against Hunger logo

100% of funds raised through LifePack will go to partners working on the ground to get RUTF to kids in need. Our first partner is Action Against Hunger, who will be distributing RUTF to at-risk children in Eastern Africa.

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LifePack is funded by ECF, a U.S. philanthropy that works to scale improved solutions to child malnutrition through research, policy analysis, capacity building and advocacy.

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Moonrock Agency brings together gamers and content creators to empower companies through social media, web development, and visual events.

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